WEI'KE ME UP : What is it ?

Register now for the WEI'KE ME UP, the integration week-end by Grenoble École de Management, on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September, organized by your Student office. 

Get ready for the best week-end of the school year with : guest stars, entertainments and meetings ! You just have to wait for the 15th of Septembre to get all the informations. Beware, WEI'KE ME UP is coming !

Link to get your ticket below

WEI tariff grid

Paiement by Lydia or Credit Card


Classic offer 

250 €

WEI + Prom sweatshirt

The perfect outfit for GEM students and your WEI ticket

285 €

WEI + carte cotisante

1 place + 1 subscriber card 

325 €

The Winner Pack : Wei + Subscriber card and Prom Sweatshirt

The Best-Seller

350 €

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